Sayeh residential

Sayeh residential

Zafaranieh – Tehran

Area: 3500 sqm

Year: 2023


This project was referred to us at a time when its structure was based on a neoclassical design. The client’s request was to revise the design of the plans and facade in a modern style.


The implemented structure had imposed some restrictions on us, such as fixed columns, low floors height and 45° bevel on the facade. At the same time as changing the plan and achieving a better spatial order, our main idea was to design the facade ;which in addition to a general perception of simplicity in a context where the variety of colors, materials and redundant details have distorted the urban appearance; by referring to the principles of aesthetics, including proportions, scale, rhythm and balance of vertical and horizontal lines, we can achieve a static composition in general and at the same time dynamic in details.

Changing the cutting angle of the carved stone ingots in the arrangement of the shell creates various shadows and half-shadows at different times of the day, and their white and polished surface also plays a role in reflecting the sunlight inside. Also, the extension of stone ingots in the interior space and the combination with vertical mirrors by creating harmony of light, shadow and reflection, in addition to deepening the facade, helps to create an illusion and poetic perception of the interior space.