Ali Haghighi Architects

Ali Haghighi, after graduating with a master of architecture from the Faculty of Fine Arts (University of Tehran) in 2003, worked with consulting engineering companies for 7 years.  In 2015, he established the office of “Ali Haghighi Architects” and since then he has followed his independent line of thought with the cooperation of young and well-thought designers. The result of all these efforts during these years has been to win the first place in the Memar Award in 2020 in the single-unit residential sector (Pishva House) and the design and implementation of several other projects.
The main projects of this office are the design of villas, residential complexes, public buildings and interior design .
The mission of our office is to find the best question because we believe that if we understand the main question of each project clearly and accurately, we can always get the right answer by interacting with other variables. Designing details and selecting and shaping the suitable and durable materials to create a permanent building is one of the main concerns of our office and we believe that despite the light, simplicity can still be beautiful.