Motel Qu Residential

Motel Qu Residential

Motel Qu – Mazandaran

Area: 1500 sqm

Year: 2020

In recent years, following the increase in population of metropolitan areas, especially Tehran, the volume of construction and congestion in the northern part of the country has increased sharply and we were faced with the multiplicity of apartments and typical construction in units.

Motel Qu (Swan Motel) as one of the most visited tourist cities in Mazandaran province is not an exception to this point as well.

Designing this project, we tried to avoid typical construction as much as possible, by distinguishing between units and creating different advantages with different spatial qualities, to maintain the attractiveness and uniqueness of the house and also to be able to act, in some extent in the same quality as houses and villas

Looking at the form, due to the humid and rainy climate, on the western front and facing the street, a minimal opening was created, which continues by forming this rigidity in the walls, forming a sloping roof. Also, with the presence of a three-meter console in the western direction, as well as creation of two duplex units in the last two floors, it increases the visual perception of separate villas from each other.

Regarding the location of the building, by creating a distance of two meters to create the backyard, southern lighting and view were also possible in addition to the view to the sea, added to the internal quality and more transparency in the north direction.

The material used in the shell of the plates is white cement and wood considering the climate and form