Maskan Bank-Mohamadie Branch

Mohammadie branch – Bank Maskan

Mohamadie – Ghazvin

Area: 540 sqm

Year: 2010

Placing this project land in the corner of a square and at the end of a fully residential contexture including two-storey brick houses and using the maximum capacity of municipal criteria in designing side facade on the one hand and paying attention to the special organizational identity of the Maskan Bank and functional needs on the other It is one of the effective factors in the formation of this building.

The using of red brick and white color, in addition to instilling a sense of residential and more harmony with the neighborhood, refers to the color combination of the logo of the Maskan Bank, which is white and orange.

Introversion, creating various qualities of light, paying attention to details and using durable and similar materials in facades and interiors, designing special stairs, creating various spaces and paying attention to the night appearance of the building are the features of this project.

This building has four floors. The function of the ground and first floors is the bank branch and the basement also includes the service spaces of the branch. The second floor is allocated with separate access to the residential house of the head of the branch.