Koucheh-Bagh House

Koucheh-Bagh House

Pishva – Varamim

Area:  1100 sqm

Year: 2020

Pishva’s house is located on a land with an area of ​​approximately 1000 square meters in Varamin city’s Pishva and on the ruins of a house built in the traditional iranian architecture style of hot and dry climates with a central courtyard and surrounding rooms.


The specific location of the project caused us to consider the necessity of an approach that redefines the spirit of Iranian architecture in a modern format as one of the design principles of the project.
The different and diverse functions of this project are one of the decisive factors in the formation of its form and spatial organization. The strategy of using internal alleys in combination with the central courtyards, in addition to separating the entrances of the complex based on the hierarchy of access and its function (public and residential), by creating internal shading, brings a memory of the garden alleys of the architecture in central regions of Iran.

The existence of some newly constructed buildings with no visual value in the vicinity of the project, along with relatively high traffic in the northern passage, required us to design an introverted building.
The construction of an introverted building on the ruins of a traditional house with a central courtyard structure in the hot and dry climate of Iran is like the birth of a phoenix that has risen from the ashes of the architectural history of this region.