Karafarin Bank

Karafarin Bank

Valiasr – Tehran

Area: 12000 sqm

Year: 2021


The office building of the Karafarin Bank is located in one of the most important avenue of Tehran.


 Changing the logo of the Karafarin Bank from a classic and static logo to a logo with a dynamic, elegant and distinctive shape was our main idea in the design of the form and facade.In this way, the overall structure of the building, with the vertical use of dynamic, interwoven and at the same time continuous plates, becomes a whole that, while being magnificent, is far from a static perception. In this way, we can get a new understanding of the building from every point and according to different angles and places of view.

Considering the three different types of access and entering the different uses of the project on the one hand and the different levels of occupancy in the floors on the other hand, one of the most important issues of this project was the correct and optimal design and solution of vertical and horizontal accesses in a way that Provide the maximum number of parking spaces and the maximum useful level of office and commercial space while paying attention to the zoning of different spaces.