EM Dentistry


EM Dentistry

Pasdaran – Tehran

Area: 60 sqm

Year: 2017

Photography: Deed studio


In this project the activity was such that the owner wanted to convert a two-bedroom apartment unit applicable as an office, into a workplace for his wife as a dentistry, and also to create a room as office and showroom for himself, which was active in field of stretch ceilings business.



The problem in this project was formed due to the numerous failures in the plan and the predominant disorder in the small area as follow: creating a spatial discipline model with the least possible visual failure and induce a maximum sense of breadth.

To solve this problem, we decided to use a color contrast concept so that all our redundancies and failures which got in the dark color scheme, are centered around a white and luminous rectangle that creates this color contrast between the concave dark spaces and the bright white space in center, in order to eliminate visual failures in the audience’s view and created an optimal spatial arrangement.



By removing visual boundaries such as walls and doors of the rooms, then replacing them with smart glass, glass doors and crossing dark and light colored borders into the rooms, we have practically created a breadth and integrated space on the floor, ceiling and walls.

Including all the needed equipment and side service spaces, such as a secretary’s desk, waiting furniture, wardrobes, toilet and a pantry in concave dark zone, helped us to find the best possible solution.

In the end, the use of phosphorescent green stains on furniture as a third color among the dominant volume of neutral colors was able to create a good sensory connection between the audience and the space.