Ekbatan 1st Renovation

Apartment 318

Ekbatan- Tehran

Area : 165 sqm

Year : 2019

Photography : Mohammad Hasan Ettefagh

Nearly thirty years after the construction of the second phase of Ekbatan town, located in the west of Tehran, due to the type of project, strength, overall cohesion in the blocks and being associated with the life of a large number of residents, still it can be mentioned as a valuable and unique project in Tehran and even Iran.

 A complex that, despite being built as a cheap and economical project, has now gained more value due to economic status.

But through a relatively long time, followed by weakening of the internal quality of the units becoming worn and old housing, irregular, incoherent and even unprincipled changes, both in terms of beauty and durability and efficiency, the overall quality of the town. Has declined in urban scale and social opinion, and this provided an opportunity for intelligent renovation and specialized principled reconstruction of a sample unit in the town.

In 318 apartment project, which is one of the type H1 and duplex units of the town, in addition to renovating the unit visually and qualitatively, changes were made in the plan of the second floor, for more efficient and practical use, and the creation of new spaces.

Using color contrast, controlled lighting and mirrors, causing an eerie sensation and a larger virtual space visualization, are among the techniques applied in this unit.

Replacing existing stairs with a light and delicate metal stair that has been executed in two pieces suspended and consoled from the wall, turns it into a sculptural element that is in the center locating at the junction of two floors, in addition to giving nature to this connecting member.

Against the lightness of the space with the new stairs, dark colors were used to balance and create different depths between the surfaces.

The creation of colored borders in the area of ​​stairs and the space of the upper floor has created a horizontal threshold which, in exchange for relative transparency and buoyancy of stairs, expresses the distinction between the private and public sector and the sense of passage between these two spaces.

Changes were also made, including the addition of new spaces such as a terrace, a private living room, a master bedroom, a bar and, in general, an increase in the quality of the second floor. The redesign and creation of a new quality in the interior of the unit, along with the general and valuable nature of the town on a large scale, has turned this unit into a valuable housing that reflects the principled and architectural structure of the town.