Villa B (Flord Villa)

Villa B (Flord Villa)

Flord – Savad Kooh- Mazandaran

Area: 240 sqm

Year: 2019



In the areas of the northern slope of Alborz mountain range, passing through Savad Kooh city located in Mazandaran province, we reach the mountainous and green village of Flord.

Due to the location and contexture, we see relatively less intrusion and occupation compared to other parts of northern Iran, which provides a pristine nature and a wide green landscape.

Due to the location and slope of the site and the view, the building was placed on the southern border, adjacent to the street, and according to the short width of the land and its neighbors, it was oriented based on the north and south view.

Due to the location of this man made structure, in the green and wide nature of the mountain, the distinction and separation from the surrounding environment and the dominant nature was considered in the design. The accompaniment of a transparent and at the same time clean and unpolluted building with the surrounding nature created uniform and orienting surfaces to sight.

In addition to orienting the external form and its north-south length, framing the landscape and selecting absolute views inside, it connects the surrounding nature to the white and calm interior space so that the sense of presence in this climate spreads inside the building as much as possible.

Creating a pond where includes two fronts of the building, in the yard, in addition to create a sense of buoyancy of the building, more tranquility has been given to the space, and as a suitable addition to improve the surrounding green nature, it has beautified inside and outside.

In the plan, there are three levels, including an independent suite on the ground floor, and defined duplexes in the first and second floors with two bedrooms.

The garden area was formed with minimal intervention, by creating a staircase to the end and defining a cozy space at the height of the slope, with a single tree in the corner.

Despite leaving a human footprint in this pristine nature, an attempt was made to consider its architecture as an added value, which in addition to improving the residential contexture, instills a sense of being in nature by framing landscapes.